#Womenwelike Jessie Cave

Jessie Cave is the nerdige girl with the big glasses, sharing everything about yourself on the Internet – but actually suffering from huge complexes. And that processed the comedian, actress, and artist in their very own way.

Jessie Cave has long been that pesky voice “Won-Won” the girl known, shrieks and kisses around with Harry Potter’s best friend Ron Weasley (just that “won-won”) – before she then in the fight against Voldemort dies eherenvoll. In truth the Londoner has little in common with the Lavender Brown embodied by her in the Harry Potter films together. A little magic can she but still.

With a magic wand, of course. No, Jessie Cave needs only a few markers to make their so-called “doodles” paper: small sketches which are strongly reminiscent of children’s drawings. The style is of course deliberately childish, because draw can cave – London Kingston University she has studied illustration and animation at the. Caves doodles (2015 appeared the Doodle collection Love Sick) are populated by neurotic, insecure and often terribly annoying female characters. Characters who are willing to change for her partner completely, he constantly want confirmation and otherwise cause passive aggressive conversations with her friends – or with people who somehow are considered friends, but actually not so exactly knowing why. Cave makes does not hide the fact that a good portion of is their own, nervous and uberangstlichen personality in every doodle. In an interview with the British independent, she said: “I’m quite ridiculously honest about everything online. “And actually, I think if nothing else, just be honest.”

A relationship from our site and honestly, this is Jessie cave. 2015 was introduced here Festival Fringe her one-woman show I loved on the prestigious Arts Festival in Edinburgh, where she uninhibited presented their neuroses to the audience: one hour in the head of a lovesick woman. Critics and audiences were enthusiastic. Cave actually has enough raw material that can – use them for their shows and doodles especially their relationship with Alfie Brown, also a comedian, offers almost endless inspiration. Cave and Brown became parents of a son, Donnie 2014. So far so good. The love story of the two but is actually reminiscent of the film for the first time by Judd Apatow: as the protagonists of the film, Cave and Brown had a one-night stand, which promptly led to a pregnancy. And like in the movie they decided to try it but just time together. 2016 came baby number two.

Photo: Instagram @jessiecave

According to Jessie Cave never before she was in a romantic relationship, Alfie Brown, however, was even married. This development – led sleepover at Cave, suddenly in a relationship, suddenly mother – a small crisis. She told the guardian: “with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and everything, you find today, can out what someone is like very very easily, just by going on your phone. “These inventions have made US much more prone to being completely mad in love – and I’m addicted to all of them.” Therefore, the fresh lovers spent a lot time to stalk her new boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend online. Love in time of the Internet just. Of course that the whole thing is totally insane and unhealthy, cave knows. Their talent is just to observe their craziness, to recognize and then art turn into – accompanied by their own, imaginary hands over the head banging together in the face of this insanity. On their show, cave said: “it’s me opening my heart and saying, please, just listen to me and like me. Please don’t judge me. I felt soooo exposed.”

Photo: Instagram @jessiecave

Share – always, anywhere, with any

This feeling of Entblößtseins halt Jessie Cave but from itself over and over again to, well, bare. For example, in their funny, entertaining vlogs. Vlog one explains cave: “I have an incessant need to share everything with everyone at all times.” , Viewers learn directly, there’s the Vlog among other reasons because cave has no more money to operate their Web site — instead, it must buy diapers for her baby. At all speaks cave like and extensively about her two children, and what it means to be a mother. Open, honest, and often incredibly funny (the child in the bath did, the dog had almost eaten the product of this incident, etc.). The birth of Donnie cave has cured directly from some of their worst neuroses: “when I what single and living alone, a huge part what online of my day, and that’s the norm for so many people.” “But now my stalking and obsessions, and new roses I have to child of minimize to five minutes a day when he’s not looking at me.” Together with her partner Alfie Brown cave is dedicated to everyday relationship of a couple in the Web series chop logic also (“I like forced fun!”).


Jessie Cave nerdige, shy girl with the huge OWL glasses, the colourful clothes and the constant fear to ridicule is in principle. The girl who gladly and extensively talks about themselves – but really only doing to cope even better with it. Nevertheless, cave went their own way, has found ways to turn their bad pages into something positive. “I question my life every week and that’s what my drawings are about”, says cave. “I think it’s okay to be a bit insane.”