Tuesday Reads / / With A New Network, Hope For Democracy And A Preventive App

A small fine reading bar Tuesday that like may be supplemented in the comment box. So us not instructive and amusing, yet important escapes:

Satire video “AFD addiction”

Again and again we fall for the provocations of the afd and spread their messages for free. What almost no one knows: many of us are already addicted to populist outrage. Now the addiction blogger Prapoo silver stone breaks his silence:

Democracy – what to do? What do!

The hatred grows, right-wing populists are louder. What I want to do – but does demonstrate what? Or go into politics? A seven-point plan for Democrats. This way!

Now online: feminist network

A new network will bring together feminist initiatives. Founder Anne Wizorek explains what it all about you and what is new about this idea here. This way you go directly to the network.

Why the coolness we thereof hold, to do what we really want to

Poor coolness. It is like a poorly aged, to the point of being unrecognizable beauty clear Hollywood Star: none more so know who she once was. And yet it terrorized until today the minds. Everybody wants to be kind of cool. Coolness, so one suspects much despite the vagueness of the term, promises the best form of social prestige. You get the title “cool” awarded by his fellow that qualified a not only a right, but also as courageous, interesting, exciting. But why again? – A text by Mercedes Lauenstein.

Adhesive for the period – we go yet?

, We are so happy! Finally, a man had a really great idea in terms of period: when we bleed, we should begin to paper just the labia us. So insanely practical, isn’t it? This way.

Government removes rights for transgender people

Conservatives in America the idea was a horror: a transgender woman in the women’s locker room. President Trump has now reacted and withdrawn introduced by Obama movement for transgender people in schools and universities. A terrible step backwards. This way! Headwind is fortunately also prominent teams. Here.

Trump – how you get rid of him again?

Trump, Trump, Trump. Gradually one is tired of the daily Sottisen, lies, attacks and failures of American Presidents listen to and read. But it does not help it: he is the most powerful man in the world, touches each of us his doing and allow. Therefore one is not spared thinking about Donald Trump. The one hope trumps moderation and democracy. Others believe he will never change – and play through the replacement of the President. A column by Theo Sommer.

The role of women in the year 2017, explains to an ad for a Garden House

To each era, they say, there is the correct picture. At the end of the second World War: the knutschenden sailors. To the Division of Germany: the Berlin border guards, who jumps over the Stachenldrahtzaun. Sexual liberation in the 60s in Germany: the nude Uschi Obermaier. Usually a while turns out only after the end of the era, which image is really iconic for all his time. Normally. Because the image, the the so-called “post feminist era” and perfectly captures the role of women in the year 2017, is now already fixed: it is this HORNBACH ad for a “Garden House for women”. – By Henri Tartaglia.

Body positive

By dariadaria tells our love Maddie in an honest and beautiful video, how you manage to finally make peace with his own body:

The last season of GIRLS

In the final season, Lena Dunhams ‘girls’ are still confused buggers. Why we still miss them, said Juliane Löffler.

Sexual violence – criticism of the concept of the victim

Like you may refer to people who have been raped? The scientist sh Sanyal published 2 weeks ago along with Marie Albrecht the article “you victim!” in Die Tageszeitung, in which she criticized the use of the concept of victim in connection with rape and suggested as alternative “experiencing sexual violence”. For this she was rejected. Now, the debate continues. Continue reading Friday of.

Consumption – en plea for bans

We live beyond our means. Therefore, we need someone to us skin on the finger. The world is different not to save, says Sebastian Dalkowksi. Here long!

European Parliament wants to censor racist comments

When racist cases from the President of the European Parliament must switch off now the Livestream – and erase the pictures from the archives. Critics think that a gift of right-wing populists.  A post by Markus Becker.

Election campaign with Burka

Bavaria wants to forbid the full concealment as the first State. A purely symbolic act against a problem that does not exist. Rights should still cheer – a comment by Parvin Seddigh.

#FREEDENIZ – Deniz Yüsel in custody

, Arrested in Turkey ‘world’ reporter Deniz Yücel comes indefinitely in pre-trial detention. In Turkey, the arrangement provoked sharp criticism in Germany. Here and here you can find more information on the subject and this way it goes to Change.org – petition to sign, please.

Possession of loaded

Charged, say the new minimalists. You want away share everything, sell, get rid of. What is Lena Tutmarc who for a nonsense. This way.

Old is not automatically good

“People are so actually irritated and appalled, when I say that I have no friends from the past and that makes me even, to question my social skills. Specifically, when a new acquaintance dissociated himself from me, because I apparently have the wrong answer on the question my pal: “is not true. Is who your best friend? But you know that from the study? I mean … What is with your good friends? From home?”“ By Lara Takia.