The Look of The Week of March 31 – April 6: Ellen Pompeo of J. Mendel

When it is my turn to choose the look of the week I try to find one that has not previously appeared in Jezebel, to teach new images, but this week I far-fetched, I investigated, I looked everywhere and still think that the best stylist of the week It is that of Ellen Pompeo on the Letterman program.

The blouse inside pants to highlight the high-waisted (and gain altitude), as well as the baggy pants they are fantastic. All in shades of creams and whites, very spring. Sure that hidden under pants a platform and a few print heels, as my colleague Heidi commented, but all use tricks to get us out.

This is the clear example of that It may be just as stylish with pants to dresses, everything is a matter of trying to be a little original.