The Court English Launches a Service Purchase ‘Online’ with Delivery in Just Two Hours!

El Corte Inglés continues to surprise us with new and interesting services. The last one you will love. From now on, in a series of articles, the users who buy online, We will receive our purchase in just two hours. A service that find me fascinating! In addition to comfortable and convenient.

El Corte Inglés reinforces his ‘ecommerce’ and plant face to Amazon with this service Click & Enjoy, where can buy fashion, cosmetic items, home textiles, computing and entertainment. And in just two hour we will have in our House! This initiative for the time being only available in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Seville and Bilbao, although the idea is that it will expand to other cities.

How to know if in two hours you can have at home what they are buying? Very simple. Next to each item you put “Express delivery in two hours” and you must enter the postal code. The platform indicates to the user which products can receive in that period of time, depending on the place of delivery and the stock available at that time. On their website they explain all the steps.