That’s Why the Slimmy Jeans is Your New Favorite Pants

Neither closely, yet far: this is the end of Skinny jeans?

Slimmy Jeans – skin tight, still far, sound only times unspectacular headquartered on the hip -, but they are exceptionally flattering, versatile, and suddenly everywhere. Is this the end for the duration trend tube?

No matter, how often fashion magazines have tried in the last seasons already to call an end to the Skinny jeans, she remains. Shock, Bootcut, Marlene? Other cuts show up every now and then, but the street dominated the tube for almost 15 years. Speaks for the tight jeans especially that they significantly longer work the legs and leaves lots of room for favorite shoes. And otherwise? All thing of getting used to. 2015, another type of skinny jeans trying to walk off the rank.

Brand new: The “Slimmy jeans” – the perfect hybrid of cigarette pants and boyfriend denim. The British newspaper “the guardian” reported about the new Jeans Trend and explains they are not Mom Jeans, no Jodhpurhosen and they have definitely does not wobble. The Slimmy Jeans is much more a straight leg pants, she leaves enough room, without seeming like a baggy in the approach.

Trademarks of UNIQLO about J brand to top shop have the new silhouette in the range. Even the jeans classic, the Levi’s 501, join the Slimmy trend. For it was he overhauled last fall, the pants was cut slimmer, is now schmeichlhafter than the vintage models. And the Guardin’ is sure: that soon everyone will. According to the newspaper, this is “the kind of pants, which is no statement and, at first glance, corresponds to no trend.” But, thanks to the Anti trend standard core, the No. label trend and the tendency towards more minimalism, the Slimmy Jeans might be exactly the Passfom, the fashion world has long hoped.