Tested: Special Bra for Low Cut-Outs

Review: the plunge bra is specifically designed for deep cut-outs

A bra for low cut-outs? Is there! The plunge bra allows deep insights – without that we must renounce to comfort and support.

Oh la la! The neckline of this bra is – excuse me – damn deep. How the supposed my breasts in chess, is me puzzling at first glance. But because I have this problem again and again my bra at the top of out flashing at tops with deep recesses, can I test the plunge bra- and am subsequently really done.

The bra is clean, the black material noble looks and feels soft. The deep seat on the ribs is strange only in the moment, I’m getting it quickly. The straps are wide enough to give stability to the breasts, and also the unusual shape of the interior padding – the foam is shaped like fingers, “covering the breasts” – makes my breasts look good.

The only thing I don’t like is the rounding of the bra makes my breasts: pointed rather than round. And quite so stunning mine doesn’t look like advertising cleavage also, though I would have some potential for a wow factor with a test size of 85 C…

Unfortunately, my husband is little done, when he surprised me with the BH-test in the bedroom. “He looks but funny!” Well, I’d say a matter of taste, – and in the event of an emergency the BRA would be moved out fast, if we had with the deep cleavage a man lured.

To order, there is the plunge bra for example at our site in black and colors (sizes: 70A-85C).) The BRA was provided by eis.de available for testing.