Rock Is Trend – the 90’s Horror Comeback over Pants Again

Why, some trends should belong to the past…

The 90s celebrate their revival – and thus of course also lost looks, that sure – did any of us 2015 fashion technically only today wants to admit hardly anyone…

Bye love parade, bye-bye Eurodance, au revoir Buffalo Plateaus…dachten we at least so far. Because at least since this year is clear: the 90s are – at least fashionable – fully said.

Yes, that’s right one! Everywhere we see currently but no longer to face have gotten looong time things, we pretty well know, it must be said at this point – and still is a slight feeling of nostalgia. Who does not remember tops with spaghetti straps, Tattoo neck straps and sunflower prints? The highlight of this comeback is now a layered look, which we have tried them all safely at least once in the 90s and probably supplant this fact since time immemorial: skirt over trousers!

Man, it looked at the time is exciting. And somehow, the look was also easily combined. No matter which pants, could be styled to no matter what rock (or dress). Sometimes, the skirts were also already sewn down pants. My personal favorite was always black with black staff, casual – and today’s just UNTHINKABLE!

Designers like dries van Noten but completely different and ran their models at the shows for 2015 with just this combination on the catwalk. Different patterns in muted colors were allowed to be combining with the fashion designer.

Trend or not. The question is: we want the time really go back in and look as they did 20 years ago? It’s not nice having further developed (not only fashionable) and no longer slip in the styles of a teenager or Twens?

Answer: Yes, it’s nice! And to be honest, we left to go first in terms of the young, fashion-loving girls like to 90s, finally this decade for them is something completely new. And while we feel in our 90-free looks older, but also wise, runs on the radio of song “what is love?”. Of course we sing along out loud – from Nostalgie…und because we can do it.