Readers Letters Rebecca Asks: “Women Who Like Fashion, Are Stupid?”

Love Nike, I don’t know how to explain now that, without getting someone crooked. But I like to really doll fashion since I was small. I was a kid but in an even smaller village and there I went again after graduating, for a thousand reasons. My friends play mainly sports in their spare time. You were also in the mountains, so you know what I mean. We talk about this and that, but when it comes to aesthetics, I’m a lone wolf. If I’m wearing red sparkling shoes (most 2ndhand), you all think I’m crazy. Women who are interested in fashion and furnishings, are here simply superficial idiots for the most. Actually, I know that interests are different, but sometimes I feel used and wrong under pressure so that I myself think that I need to be somehow a bit stupid. But I’m pretty fond of me. A relatively healthy and not consumer mad way, I think. Something all couples months, more must not be there. Adjust I don’t want me for this reason. Because I was thinking about Jane’s you. You like fashion too, but I think you guys are not stupid at all. What do I tell them so, to defend me?

An answer would be great.
Your Rebecca.

Love Rebecca,

You Holy Jesus, preferably I would slurp now a coffee with friends, that up there sounds like an excerpt from my own life. Above all, because basically, yes three issues between your lines hide: is it ok to care for supposed superficialities? Exclude brain and a penchant for fashion automatically? And how do I tell all the rest of the world now? Difficult. But let me briefly try.

When again a stupid friends, then countered however please initially with a very simple question. For example: The higher the heels, the shorter the noun phrases – Yes, no, maybe? Depending on how the response fails, then at least Schonmal speculation about the intellect of your person can be on. Moreover, such as cosmopolitan, enlightened or narrow-minded runs each person actually itself through life.

Alone, the discussion on the compatibility of fashionable interest and intellect was born finally from the Patriarchate. Our society is, tragically, still think smart women are inherently no floral dresses and should also rather strive for the feeding of the brain, instead of the wardrobe. Sexism? Check. A man may wear namely everything. Its optical appearance applies, if you will, as a completely different site than his mental performance. For us, that seems to be ominously different. In her essay” why can ’ t smart women love fashion” writes about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

“I had learned a lesson about Western culture: women who wanted to be taken seriously were supposed to substantiate their seriousness with a studied indifference to appearance. For serious women writers in particular, it what better not to dress well at all, and if you did, then it what best to pretend that you had not put much thought into it. If you spoke of fashion, it had to be either with apology or with the slightest of sneers. The further your choices were from the mainstream, the better. The only circumstance under which caring about clothes what acceptable what when making a statement, creating on image of some sort to be edgy, eclectic, counterculture. It could not merely be about taking pleasure in clothes.”

To make it even clearer: If ten CEO to watch of the Bundesliga Pack date, the mass nods merely understanding and stirred about as much sports – team spirit. This responsibility of collective ball hunting but by no means a deeper claim. But is ok. As a hobby has we know absolutely nothing with the ability to think in common. Discuss on the other hand is about fashion, women ’ s complicated. What perhaps centuries underlies old schemes, in the women like to as Ornamentals were considered (a phenomenon which of course still exists). And it engulfs human decoration nunmal in dresses. You not have expectations towards them however. Just we have now arrived in the 21st century and the wearing of clothing is now hopefully self-determined. The paragraphs noun phrases Rechnug should be obsolete for modern man so long.

Therefore also Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie had at some point don’t want more, to keep up with the truth about their passion behind the mountain: “(…) But I no longer pretend not to care about clothes. Because I do care. I love embryo and texture. I love lace and full skirts and cinched waists. I love black, and I love color. I love heels and I love flats. I love exquisite detailing. I love shorts and long maxidresses and feminine jacket with puffy sleeves. I love colored trousers. I love shopping. I love my two wonderful tailors in Nigeria, who often give me suggestions and with whom I exchange sketches. I admire well-dressed women and often make a point to tell them so. Just because.”

Exactly. We must love all of this. Just about. It’s not like there is no place more for other topics in the head would remain alongside the fashion.

Back to your friends: tell them also that it is very much important to open for the lifestyles of others outside the own bubble. Arrogance is out of place… Just as little as we should label people who like fashion, as stupid, man should be disinterested material aesthetics as hinterwaldlerisch. Both could at most be ruled on true ignorance. Because “good” what is dear to us is for us. If so like skiing, then there are your friends for sure nothing prettier than the mountains. If you yourself but, for example, would rather read books and to pour tea, you probably feel the need to make exactly cozy’s friends, where you carry out the very activity. Blue on the curved sofa for example. Perhaps but also red shoes wearing.

Virginia Woolf said once quite fitting: “clothing has more important tasks, to warm up than us. They changed our views of the world and the view of the world on us.” Rather it has.  For many, a black turtleneck may be a black Turtleneck Sweater easy. You even think about while wearing but maybe Existentialist heroes and writings of Jean Paul or Simone De Beauvoir. You sit in this sweater, quite pathetically said, possibly under a Linden tree, to write all your thoughts on a piece of paper. And Yes, anyone who loves fashion, know that that very different can feel in a band T-shirt. Fashion is always a life or a cultural code or an art-historical context.

To bring it to the point: maybe you feel probably even a creative brain, this strong need for aesthetics just because you have a brain,. Because you are hardly different than the world visually and emotionally in you suck. Because fashion for you is also an expression of personality. By attitude. So anyway, you’re really not alone. Even the venerable Ruth Bader Ginsburg is strikingly eccentric lace with 83 years to the judicial robes. And that’s proven quite Sau smart.

All love greetings, Nike.