Penelope Cruz and Her Perfect Street Look, More First Images of Her New Movie

Start the filming of broken embraces, the highly anticipated latest Almodóvar film, and after weeks of trials at the offices of the producer of the Spanish director in Madrid, Penelope Cruz, protagonist of the tape, and several members of the crew have traveled to Lanzarote to start shaping.

The privileged natural settings of the Canary Island, as the National Park of Timanfaya or the Cactus garden in Guatiza, where already the first scenes, were filmed will witness the physical and artistic fulfillment of our most international actress. That in addition to giving us star appearances on red carpets several is proving that is an excellent performer, and I am speaking in particular of last role in Elegy, film adaptation of Isabel Coixet, that fool with so much beauty but not fades. It is great and very mature, and promises not to stop growing as an artist, not as Star.

In the film, Penelope will play just an aspiring actress of rural origin who after many, many failed attempts is chosen to work in a comedy, but given his complicated emotional and sentimental situation at that time, are unable to make it. Things in life, becomes always the best when you least expect it.

In the field in which we hope that also flourish is in the of the fashion, and do not talk about their looks, but their facet of fashion designer, well, instead of collaborating, because I put into question, and much that is she who book in hand, draw, paint and color designs that then go on sale. Anyway, separate marketing strategy, Penelope has been shown to have eye, and without undergoing the trends in excess, is always great.

The pictures of their arrival at the airport next to Pedro, Pe was gorgeous with a simple pair of jeans not too narrow, a white cotton t-shirt, the Wayfarer black and a perfect intense red Blazer very similar to one of its own collection for Mango. I am sure that it is the same, and if you want it, I want it, is exhausted. At the moment, follows Brown and racial, we’ll see when its radical change of style.