Paris Hilton: The Premiere of His Film at Harvard

Cargadita jewelry and with a design that I do not know if it is rather Barbie or Marilyn Monroe style, or better to define it as a mixture of the two, we could see this girl, that was a little tacky, for my taste, wore a strapless gown in honor of satin in bubble gum pink and shoes of the same color point, for one of the most important moment of his career.

Event required the attention and is the Hilton premiered its first film: The hottie and the nottie, which, is the protagonist and also Executive producer. The title can be translated something like which is good and which not, thus I think that with that title already little I can say. If it is that until the outfit is going to play with the movie.

Promoting his film, actress, because there will be call it actress, has made a stop along the way and has gone to the University of Harvard and not just to start a career, but because was chosen woman of the year by the Group of students of Lampoon who has been received to the shout of “we love you, Paris!”. Incredible! All this since young arrived an hour late to the event. And that assumes that at Harvard are the smarter.

In terms of their dress for this occasion, much more serious than in the previous one, and is that the occasion demanded it, wore a grey large buttons, very nice coat and a dress too wrinkled Garnet. That not Paris!