Optical Illusion? This Comic Book Bags Are Real

By child’s play due to! THE eye-catcher are pockets in the 2D

No fancy elegant restraint? Pockets in the comic-style provide a high factor of the show! How painted: the 2D-Modelle of the label Jump From Paper.

KA-WOOM! WHAAM! BOOM! Bags that look as if they had sprung the superhero comic straight, are the latest craze on the planet Street style. The backpacks, Cape models and clutches, where you must really twice looking, come from the Taiwanese clothing company Jump From Paper. But the two-dimensional look is deceptive: despite cartoon look can really fill the Comic bags, have zippers, several subjects and provide as much storage space as average 3D models.

The trick: bright colors and broad, black pin tucks make for the crazy 2D. And? Works! There are purses and cases from 30 euro, large parts such as the “spaceman” backpack for 120 euros.

And how to styling the colorful comic parts? For a noisy eye-catcher trend like the gaudy bag: A part is enough! Perfect partners are denim and black leather, because they allow enough room to breathe and work the Kris-look. The comic accessory, jeans and chucks look more casual. Who has courage and humor, but sometimes the complete work of art styled himself – and combine the colorful bags with floral – or Striped outfits.