Opinion Yes, Feminist In Be, Is Pretty Damn Hard!

Feminism is no pastime for bored, privileged women and also not a hobby.

Ehrlich said, sometimes I would prefer no feminist. Sometimes I think my life would be easier as a result. I could close the eyes to certain things and take a defiant Mir-but no matter attitude. Then many were spared. I am imagining at least in certain moments.

Because sometimes I feminist his exhausting and frustrating find. Then will I forgive me only in my bed and Mamma Mia Watch (my ultimate feel-good movie). I want to not always justify me for what I am. I want must – read no comments from men on Twitter or see online articles – that explain why feminism is so evil, bad and mostly unnecessary. Yes, if you are smart, avoids the comment column. Sometimes it gets lost then but accidentally but there. And discovered one hundred percent likely under articles, in which appears the word “Feminism”, comments like these: feminist * Interior create problems where none are, feminist * indoor should not so’s, feminist * indoor nölen always just around, doing them in Germany but super. Feminism seems a way of being, a job for bored, privileged women nice hobby many commentators.

Swap feminist against rose-colored glasses

By due: feminist in its is damn hard. Here’s the thing: when you first put on the feminist glasses, you can see many things that maybe others don’t see. You can see inequalities, which previously not noticed one. It creates no problems – these problems have always been there, but now you can see them. You are visible in the truest sense of the word.

And Yes, sometimes I would love to say: thank you, thank you, I want to see it no longer. I trade the feminist against a rose-colored glasses with my surroundings and everything that happens in it, dipped in soft tones. Maybe I will then no longer accosted by a guy, if I am late at night alone at a bus stop. Must spend then no more ten minutes to deal with him, while I frantically try to figure, whether the type is just annoying or even dangerous. Maybe I simply forget that happened to me, what so many other women – less salary than the male colleague with the same qualifications. Even a chef, which I constantly had to prove that I can, although I am a woman. Perhaps, I can ignore also the often sexist coverage as in the case of Gina-Lisa. The men who tell me women would invent mostly rapes on Twitter. Through my rose-colored glasses would also not fall on me, that women in Europe fight for abortion rights, treated homosexuals as outsiders and murdered transsexual and transgender people – every day. It would simply no longer concern me.


But that’s not how well time. And the fact remains: feminist in its is exhausting. Because you can see so much so much overhears and then just can say: I’m not concerned. Feminist in is not a hobby, but a lifestyle. You have the right to change things. And therefore you have too high demands on himself. In my personal life, I’m probably daily things that are not particularly feminist. I remain silent, when on the road a group of types of calls after suggestive remarks me. I watch Germany’s next top model (even if only in the cut an episode per season). Among other things. Of course, I know that it’s okay and human. It doesn’t make me a “bad feminist”. Roxane Gay writes in her essay collection bath feminist: “I embrace the label of bad feminist because I am human.” I am the messy. I’m not trying to be on example. I am not trying to be perfect. I am not trying to say I have all the answers. I am not trying to say I’m right. “I am just trying – trying to support wat I believe in, trying to do some good in this world, trying to make some noise with my writing while so being myself.” As written it sounds completely plausible. Me it’s hard some days yet to liberate me expectations – of my own and those of others. Expectations of myself as a feminist. I do not imagine, that all over the world on me peeps. But I will still say the right thing and make. Be a little model.

So yes: feminist in its is exhausting. I’m not whining or complaining. I just notice it. And most of the time I’m good with this fact. Because: Feminism is indeed exhausting and debilitating, he gives a lot but also. He opens the look and allows a things look brand new, discover. Feminism let me not only identify the problems – but also the opportunities. The potential. He offers solutions. He empowered. He shows me: often I’m not the problem, but something else altogether. If it is times again and I want to watch only Meryl Streep, as they “gimme gimme gimme” smashes, I remember that. That my life would be simpler without feminism. But gray, uninteresting, lifeless.