On The Road With Levi BB’s / / Launch Event Of Lot Of 700 With Crackers Women In The Luggage

I’m so in New York and can even hardly believe it. Actually, the wonderful destination was only for the autumn with lots of rockets, heart and a loud fireworks in my calendar. I wanted to give me a short hand a little trip to the give my birthday in October. Everything was already planned, just not yet fully booked. What a luck! Because two weeks ago a mail in that fluttered then Jane Wayne – piñata mailbox with the subject: invitation: Levi’s lot 700 launch in New York. Really? Really! Dream!


1934 Levi’s with the lot of 701, the world’s first blue jeans for women – and thus ensures a regular pop. No wonder, then, that the revival devoted to celebrate women’s should be and power Lady Alicia Keys has been chosen to the campaigns-Lady of the current 700 line. But everything after the series:

The view in the calendar raises sweats: it’s fashion week Berlin. Crap! I would play hooky. Mercilessly miss the first few days. After a deft whats app chat with the Jane Mamas later is clear: I fly. Because what one has such a great force, which can share four, hmm?
So tails is allowed in this case, because finally it comes to NEW YORK!

Which city that almost everyone in their ban draws, turns around the head, and maybe even the or others among you the flea in the ear has set, to just stay here. Yes, yes! What is home already upon us, the everyday life, the work. And here in New York? Oh Jeez!

But apparently I’m not the only one overwhelmed person. Even the ladies and gentlemen of Levi’s let it not take to make New York. It was of course a fine reason that I was allowed to join the wonderful trip to NY, the subject of surprise mail already told.

Levi BB´s has still not enough: after the beloved comeback of Levi BB´s 501 in the CT version, we just continue with of the myriad variations of numbers in the jeans universe. With the “lot 700” presented Levi’s time as the new denim collection for women and of course – where else – in New York. Yes, Yes, yes – I notice, I just can’t believe it. Of course the Levi reach the destination of New York and a version’s lot 700 not out, therefore, the reason is simply multiplied: there is good just in 6 different versions, from 710 to 715. From Skinny Jeans to straight and Bootcut everything is. And pssst: including hyper-mega upper stretch it is really casual dance off in the jeans in New York. Because l – there is even more:

On the evening of the women BB’s denim collection launch event there one more surprise up on it. Wonderful power women presented their whole own interpretation by #liveinlevis. An exhibition of incredibly great photographs of rock star girl Joan Jett, model Erin Wasson & Marloes Horst, Tali Lennox, or but the DJ Leigh Lezark (the Misshapes), the wonderful Phoebe Collings-James, and Jillian Hervey (Lion Babe) was just amazed me. And you, the stars of the evening were standing.

The girls showed what to wear jeans camera, actually means before the Petra Collins and can look like damn good casual jeans! Like so:


But back! Previously it was called of course for me, in a variation on the Levi’s lot 700. And we have of course also that the launch party at the milk studios made – and on the way there, is of course is still a memory image-oder of two. Before we continue to the party went!

Finally arrive at the milk studios in New York. Then this: New York, want and must always a track blatant his everything, everything, really everything else. There she stood personally: Petra Collins! And after a little chat, a hug with due Selfie including trembling hand on the trigger could be missed of course. The whole thing with the camera held, then looked: Hui, I was happy!
…und this is still a load of peace towards Berlin and you sent Janes.

Crazy box.

And at last, I try with my “yes-I’m back in-Berlin-depression” cope and look very in love back to my New York:

From August, it says: look lot 700 jeans in your Levi’s stores of the trust always-on, then are the line officially in the trade.

Even more campaign images compliant?