NY Fashion Week / / Highlights Of The Weekend: With Tibi, Lacoste & Calvin Klein

Between spring weather and Blizzard celebrates the first important fashion week of the year in New York the creations of the coming winter and while Raf Simons celebrates his debut when Calvin Klein immediately with a new logo and Nigel brand new look, the other host is apolitical is surprised. Though seem to want to arm us lush Shoulderpads creations before the upcoming riots and Gucci’ esque gizmos try to overplay the seriousness of the situation, so really striking, warning and apparently went so far but not to. But well, we want to be even not-so, finally that was just the beginning of the fashion journey, which soon goes on to London via Milan to Paris. A but we should highlight positive: plus-size models were clearly presenter as in previous years, as well as ladies of from different countries of origin and ages on the runways. Diversity seems to prevail so slowly. All the more important in current times like these!

Gives the first look, we we want to memorize’s Meanwhile by Tibi, who meet while self-portrait can not build on his success from the previous season also for the winter 2017 / 2018 back the nail on the head and ensures even Alexander Wang little drum roll. This is Tome and Ulla Johnson of all the more beautiful, exciting and loud. But see for yourself:


we’ll know:

extra long sleeves, shoulder pads and man shirts worked to stressed that and quite narrow waist providing for contour strong suits, for a lot #Empowerment are Hochgeschlossene collar and long silhouettes


we’ll know:

functional clothing can calmly also times to “outdoor Wonderwoman” look we thought we had him, the perfect trench: we obviously don’t have “drawing up parallels between the heroes of aviation and the pioneers of the space age , overlook this take on modernity is the inspiration behind a resolutely forward looking collection” will focus on the theme “fly”, that extends through the latest collection of Chief Designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista


we remember:

everything new at CALVIN KLEIN: from the logo to the collection. Capitalize is and why this works, proved an impressive new Chief Designer Raf Simons the. Best of America: plastic coating à la Fran fines of OMI, all-over denim look & matching cowboy boots women unite, unite men, women & men unite! Colour blocking is back


we remember:

tip may slowly but surely replaced ruffle will remain! And also! We should invest more in exciting pants!


We’ll know:

Small reminder: with black to look always well dressed. But even better with diamonds” no come on: egg shapes and strongly accentuated shoulders


we remember:

cognac and rust is the best combination Gerüschte skirts it helps simply the best ruffled boots and oversized sweaters statement earrings, please!


We’ll know:

Not only the silhouette so many one of tomes creations takes the body on the painted contours visualize the femininity vinyl meets diamonds!


We want:

This shirt by Prabal Gurung!