Nicole Richie, a Golf Player of The Most Cool and Chic

In the same Act in which Mischa read stories , Nicole Richie and her husband, they played Golf, at least, made of makeshift caddy’s because the Park was a hole, or were too comfortable for the competition.

Handled sticks were not any sticks but one customized by Disney, sponsor of the event, with drawings and several motifs of the mythical Barbie doll. The height of no more. In pink, of course, and that stuck more to her friend or ex-amiga Paris Hilton…

The truth is that Nicole wasn’t nothing appropriate to mark a few hits but was gorgeous, golf was a mere excuse. He chose for the occasion a mini stamped with small yellow flowers and orange, short, yellow dress with neckline bathtub (c’est la vie antique Word), some Louboutin in Brown, and a beautiful hairstyle with braid as a monkey, who had him give the point ingenuous and naive. What better image for an act with children.

As a wildcard in the public, its inseparable and huge glasses vintage Dior, without which a celebritie as she can’t get out to the street, and without which probably would feel naked.