Miss Sixty Fashion Show: a The Hottest Backstage

I am sorry. It is the second post I make on the parade of Miss Sixty in the New York fashion week autumn-winter 2008/09 and I still talk about the collection. Perhaps the next time. You know what they say: the third time lucky.

Before I had spoken of the front row of super luxury that met at the parade of this signature, but as always, the interesting thing is back, in what is not seen. However, what is not at the moment, because right now all’re seeing you: a Kiss very passionate between Freja Beha y Irina Lazareanu, they were doing a joke on the backstage moments before leaving to parade.

You must not get more tip to the photo. It is a simple grace that I wanted to share with you because it (a little) satisfies that insatiable curiosity we have what happens within the world fashion, behind the shop windows and the pages of magazines.