Mischa Barton, a Butterfly of Giambattista Valli

Before we saw them for all part, but lately not be lavished too. He says that he had retired to live in France, but we see it return in the United States. This time, it was for a good cause, and Mischa Barton, which became famous with his Marisa character in The O.C, the eternal companion of our dearest Rachel Bilson, disguised butterfly to tell stories to children in favor of a charity.

And before dead simple, because if the event was held in a park, Mischa came to the ceremony with a few Mary Janes of Louboutin more practical for stepping on wet grass, her heels did not stop from sinking into the mud and she came out of the passage as he could. The 2007/08 Winter collection dress of Giambattista Valli which he wore, was more typical of a cocktail that evening of a fairy tale, but Barton was able to transform her outfit in a funny costume by adding small wings and drawing in the face a pretty flower, very own it, very hippy.

Add-ins that chose also helped break the innate glamour of the strapless dress: a bag of of paillettes of Chanel, and eye, a studded headband that punk nymph gave him a curfew. I don’t know that they would think the children…

It is curious that just a few days ago it elected a look so absolutely opposed and so little flattering as the following photo, a style that would have been much more suitable for an evening in the forest than for a premiere night.