Lingerie for Pregnant Women

Becoming a mother is turning himself to unconditional love. Is receiving changes with open arms, surrendering himself eternally and discovering all the feelings that permeate this relationship so mysteriously grandiosa.

Lingerie For Pregnant Women

It’s be beautiful 24 hours a day waiting for the baby, taking advantage of all the perks that pregnancy gives and, after the birth, guarantee unforgettable moments of tenderness and protection to the heir or heiress. For that, be good to yourself is key. Meet the lingerie that will make all these processes, raise your spirits, and storm as the “mother of the year”!

At Zazou we offer the pregnant woman a full line of lingerie for use during pregnancy and postpartum, the two best brands specialising in this thread who are pregnant: Liz and My Lady.

Both were developed with the support and advice of medical teams to ensure comfort and support during the period of gestation. Many pregnant women don’t know it, but use of panties and bras of support in addition to give greater comfort the pregnant woman also help to prevent any future problems such as sagging, stretch marks and mastitis (empedramento of milk).

Already developed parts for the postpartum, pants & girdles, offer a soft/medium compression that help the uterus return to your normal size and other organs to your original position.

Bras for pregnancy are indispensable during the months of pregnancy, support bras are anatomically designed to ensure comfort to transformations that occur in a woman’s breasts. Made of cotton and spandex, cetinete or cotton, bring wider side strap and sturdy and internal covered seams.

At this stage of life so important you should use a good bra and anatomical support day and night, to prevent pain, dysplasia and sagging later. With wider adjustable straps for comfort, to better fit the anatomical cutouts breasts with internal seams covered and 100% cotton bias. Kos, base and sides of the bulge with 100% cotton coenizados. All this designed with all affection to give you greater protection, security and support during this phase so hot of life.

The breastfeeding bras are important because your use helps prevent sagging problems and discomfort due to breast augmentation. Have wider straps and comfortable support and front opening systems guarantee convenience and comfort for the mother during breastfeeding.