Lindsay Lohan, Sam Ronson and Lily Allen Together Party

A few days ago my partner Nuria Zunga spoke about the dizzying fall of the singer Lily Allen, view that I share point by point. Ever seen the most impaired young and with a disastrous styling. Over the new transformation of the party with which it has are now Lindsay Lohan and his girlfriend, Sam Ronson, those who are not exactly elegant.

When two come together, the effect increases and fashion dress up Lindsay Lohan, for me, is the most strident of the famous right now. Even Victoria Beckham are you are “reformed” in their eye-catching looks. But apparently this is not going to the young actress, who never dazzles when choosing outfit.

In this case, preference, repeatedly, by grey that lately does not leave out, a kind of belt leather and the combination with a headband also black, does not favor him at all. The casual look is fine, but this goes one step further.

Meanwhile, new companion of fatigue on the outs at night, i.e., Lily Allen (Sam Ronson has its own “style” that better or comment), appeals to any look with this so tacky fluorescent Fuchsia dye, and black dress one piece that was making it seem more fat than it is. A bad choice.