Kate Hudson’s Stella McCartney Resort 2009

Had seen them fast, but not. One thing is you stop the clothing a few days or few weeks, by the go doing promotion, but wear the clothes that occurs in the Act, that is not more. Kate Hudson He has broken the world record for speed, and is at the same time in which Stella McCartney He presented his resort collection to the press, She was already wearing a shirt and a blazer from the same line.

Stella and Kate are intimate long ago, so it is not surprising that the daughter of Goldie made a stop along the way in the filming of her next film, Bride Wars, that records with Anne Hathaway on the streets of Manhattan, to go through the presentation of her good friend.

Kate wears Stella since this was in Chloé, and attend many events together, as they did in the awards Elle Style Awards held last February in London.

The case is that she not only wore his comrade designer creations, but both wore the same jacket in different versions. That’s affinity, and the rest is nonsense.