Jenna Bagon Sexism Accuses The Cdu And Shows That Women Are Sexist.

There are men, who very publicly describe themselves as feminists. Although of course it is, but still considered to be exceptional. Now, you may think of course among women, the mood is positive, but also here: nil. The fact that the 4th the fundamental equality of people in itself thinks wave of feminism, instead of defining themselves by gender-specific questions, heard the term extremely emotionally charged through the decades alone is still elusive for many. A fact which is not entirely incomprehensible, so sometimes even more and more media to the “humanism” switch and it mean the same thing.

As whatever we want to call the child but now, already conceded both sides scolding, just like every topic that seems somehow connected with him. Men, for example, feel accused increasingly wrong of sexism, especially since Gina Lisa, whereas women often ignite the sexism, tragically, without being aware even in the approach; Cohesion is overshadowed by competition. Blame the generally prevailing conservatism, not rarely is the need for continuity, identity and security in both cases. A paradox in itself. Continuity is of course within reach by clinging to old structures, but how do you develop an identity without unconditional freedom, how can you feel safe, if something like respect even in the workplace is considered scarce. Just like asks Jenna bagon. The law student is a member of the CDU since a year and has turned in an open letter to their party. It’s in their lines especially about real sexism within its own ranks. It is fed by colleagues behrends as “sweet big mouse” to be teased. Also she must listen to more no other (bare) speculation as successful newcomer about their success. And even less accept, that the “women” still not even party intern works for very flimsy reasons:

“love party, I know you like to lästerst too much beer. But the young woman who would be willing, for a local volunteering high to sleep, there is only in your dirty imagination. The young woman who is constantly confronted with the rumors of her alleged Affairs, which gives it in real-time. Can you not imagine really in your little world, that I rather would spend my spare time as a young mother with my daughter and my friends, as in a man round, which explained to me, they are true feminists as opposed to me, because I think that a complete ban on the burqa is wrong?”, writes about behrends. And further: “(…) if I’ve bothered me initially more on alleged high sleep, I am if I can find the “the has to big ambitions”-Vorwurf by another woman not yet devastating me uncertainly,.” (Edition F)

To first of all: there was a lot of encouragement at all levels. By the public, by colleagues. That is gratifying and not self-evident, especially within a faction which still always wants to separate Christian principles of its policy. There are still several negative examples of hearty discrediting that particularly stand out. I will be quite honest: the condescending Stammtisch behavior of old men who are afraid to lose their face, not particularly surprised. Other reactions of these to Ms bagon bold accusation, which sometimes sharp appealed to CDU Chief Frank Henkel, was clear. Jürgen of presser, the Deputy Federal Chairman of the SMEs and Business Association of the CDU/CSU, replied with the word behrends via Twitter: “Mimimi”. An almost stereotypical response. One of many. What the female colleagues currently however afford no less is bordered by certified Schwachsinnigkeit. A strike in the pit of your stomach, not only by behrends, but in which all women:

Sandra Cegla, Chairperson of the Women Union Berlin-Mitte, titled behrends recently as “dubious personality” (World). In an interview with the Berliner Kurier, it goes: “Calculated Jenna, who play their feminine charms and men half sat on her lap – a travesty.” An affair have also maintained it with Federal General Secretary Peter Tauber. Edition F here quite rightly asks: what does have to do with each other?

Exactly. Nothing at all. And there we are again arrived at the victim – and slut-shaming, as well as the Supreme discipline of large parts of the female species: mares biting. While it is currently simply in the Internet world about overly permissive bloggers, it comes in politics especially, that here a woman representing assumed for many women by other women, supposedly prefer ice-cold computing to make the legs wide, to work sincerely for the career as. The course resemble men. It’s about supposedly salacious behavior that seeks to justify sexism. To look, rather than brain. And therefore, that some women, such as above quoted Deputy Cegla, apparently still always prefer to caress the Patriarchate and defend rather than to bite at the right moment. Out of fear? Out of convenience? Maybe a rusted worldview is simply guilt. Because to write to each other enough grips for a clean ascent up the corporate ladder, hard as I said. The light-hearted play of stimuli appears much more likely as the reason for the rapid success of the young student of one or another colleague also with regard to behrends. “Zana Ramadani, District Chairman in mid, pursuant to the “daily mirror” also: “we fear it’s about simply (in the case of the open letter) infighting.” And also Alexandra Loock nests according to Bento speaks of “Overconfidence”. If there are also plausible reasons that the male workforce speculated for a long time about who the sweet behrends probably already “fucked” has? Who knows. Is safe: we are here with a wide variety of rude to do that come from the same star, but it.

So long we did even not stop things to judge or speculate, are far outside of our area of responsibility, as long as we don’t learn to stand together against sexism any walks of life and as long as we continue to fail our and foreign body and gestures to overcome outdated stereotypes and objectification and assessment, will start the thing with the father reign and chopping chicken again and again from the front , real feminism will be ridiculed further and remain completely understood by the general public. By men and women alike.

It’s so easy in fact: feminism means freedom. Or: be free from gender constraints and all associated discrimination. I bet, dreaming secretly even a Sandra Cegla on their verbal misstep the Secretary of women Union CDU Center, Anja Pfeffermann, incidentally, extremely large responded: “I have today with a heavy heart my position as Secretary in the Women Union CDU Center laid down.” To call a woman who raises allegations of sexism, made my explanatory statement: ‘dubious personality’ and to make more harsh statements of this kind, is unworthy of a women Union Chairman. It hurts all of us as dedicated women in the party and in addition in the society.” na so. There we go.