Inditex Brands Ranking. of All Sell More (Later of Zara)

Yesterday they gave to the annual results of Inditex, one of the business groups that gives more prestige to our country. The multinational company of the world’s largest fashion is Spanish and over its growth is following a furious pace so that the good news never cease for the textile giant. But perhaps wondering what brands of Inditex more invoice and which one leaves less performance group.

To begin we will analyze what are the chains of the group which billed more millions of euros, something that no evidence the benefit, feature which we’ll discuss later.

Zara (13.628 M / €)

It is the jewel in the Crown of the Inditex Group and by the beginning of this great empire. Zara has with more than 2,000 stores around the world and in this 2015 has become to become the star of the growth of the textile group. It has raised its 17.5% business Once in 2014 felt a small drop of growth to 7%.

Bershka (1,875 M / €)

On this occasion Bershka, like all chains, have been growth although slower pace than her older sister. 12.7% It is one figure more than honorable for the signature of young clothing.

Massimo Dutti (1.798 M / €)

After the macro-tienda opened in Serrano Street in Madrid, this has not been the best year of Massimo Dutti, which lies between the chains with lower growth of 6%.

Pull & Bear (1,417 M / €)

Pull & Bear one more youth and cheaper clothing lines and perhaps this has been the factor that has made you grow 10.5% during the past year 2015.

Stradivarius (1.298 M / €)

Young fashion has driven, no doubt, to the Galician group in this exercise. In 2015 Stradivarius increased its turnover by 14.1%, ranking well in the third mark of the group that most grew last year.

Zara Home (666 M / €)

Although this time the fashion does not occupy the collections of Zara Home, We have the chain that has grown in billing, exactly a 21.5%. The decor seems that it begins to give good news to Inditex.

Oysho (452 M / €)

Oysho, which in 2014 was the company’s fastest-growing, this time its turnover amounted to 452 million euros, with lower growth located at 8.7%.

Uterqüe (75 M / €)

The small of Inditex It seems that it begins to emerge. Although it is the string that less invoice its growth is evident, reaching 10.3% in its billing. It seems that the “ugly duckling” of the family began to settle and to check-in the black.

Speaking of benefit

But it is clear that turnover is not the benefit, There are many expenses that every string has to endure such as rents and mortgages of tents where shops, the workers payrolls and plenty of bills are more than the great Galician group must pay off. That is why the benefits, in million euros, to be much lower than the previous.

First find, how not, Zara with a profit of 2.452 million euros (+ 16%). It follows, very far, Bershka with 299 million euros (+ 22%). The following positions are very hotly contested between Stradivarius and their 274 million euros (+ 21%) y Massimo Dutti and 273 million euros (+ 2%) that contributes to the global. Young fashion from Pull & Bear is a benefit of 216 million euros (+ 10%). Zara Home and their decoration products have a benefit of 100 million euros (+ 23%) and sports fashion of Oysho 70 million of euros (+ 7%). The last of the tail is Uterqüe with 4 million euros (+ 118%).