Inditex and MIT Hatch Something Together, and Has to Do with The Project’s Sustainability Textile Brand

Although H & M was one of the pioneers of low cost in terms of social responsibility, Inditex has been batteries. The Empire of Amancio Ortega has very ambitious face sustainability plans by 2020. To achieve them, the Galician firm is collaborating with nothing more and nothing less than the Massachusetts Institute of technology in the development of new forms of recycling. And that is not all, three Spanish universities are also involved in the project.

The goal of Inditex is to get between 5% and 10% of Zara, its signature garments logo, manage to get inside the program Join Life. This line contains only sustainable garments, both in materials and workmanship. A very ambitious objective, taking into account the volume of manufacture of the Galician company worldwide.

To achieve this has been invested in the development of new textile materials from recycled, as the Refibre fiber from reused cotton. The company responsible is the Austrian Lenzing, but Inditex has wanted to promote the project with financial, material aid and research. His idea is to incorporate these organic and recycled materials in your clothes. Thus you want to promote eco fashion and what they call “circular economy” at Inditex, which refers to the reduction of the environmental impact during the production process.

To get all this in practice, Inditex has the support of MIT, the most reputed Institute of technology in the world. With funding from the textile company, MIT will launch a call for scholarships exclusively for universities and Spanish research teams.

With this action, the low-cost giant goes one step further in fashion eco, which has already started with its initiative to donate items collected at the Caritas NGO to give the clothes a new life with those who need it. Since they began, Caritas collects about 180 tons of Inditex clothing a year: for sale of resale and recycling. With this, Inditex adds to the already quite thickened list of firms that committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion.