“I Snappe, Therefore I Am.” – What Kim Kardashian & Rene Descartes Have In Common

A guest post by Anneli Botz.

“I never Snapchat my workouts, just because I don’t know why – I’m just not Kourtney and Khloe. But it’s like, if I don ’ t snap it, then it’s as if it never happened. But I work out every single day for an hour” over, Kim Kardashian stated the other day with rabbit ears and mouse voice about their Snapchatkanal. What appears at first naive Balakrishnan from the so-called “Reality World” than usual, lets look deeper on closer inspection.

But let’s start with a short survey:

Reality Queen Kim Kardashian directory.Mozilla.org, rolling out every day in the gym, quilts for hours on the cross fit trainers, listen Enrique Iglesias this may and trained until she can feel every single fibre of her body in the connection. This makes it a cardinal mistake however and failed to share their workout via Snapchat, with their followers what leads in reverse to the dilemma that it so feels for them, as the sweaty self conditioning had never taken place. In contrast to “Kourtney and Khloe”, which in addition to the display of all banalities of everyday life of course not fail to send the common fitness routine in the virtual Web. Whether its actually trained both, or actually free acted according to the principle, “squeeze signature butt in skintight leggings, a few splashes of water in the face, leg up on the bench, camera on it, 20 seconds snappen, Workout over”, couldn’t care less about.

It doesn’t even matter if the two later sipping a Pina Colada standing after “work” at the hotel bar, and sister Kim, joins with burning calves to (she trained indeed). It can be stated, Kourtney and Khloe have not trained, but gesnapt, Kim has been training, but not gesnapt, ergo: Kim has not coached the other. In a figurative sense: an activity has only really occurred, or feels taken place if it immaterial has materialized in the social media network.

Why but the whole thing is now interesting? This is of course, the sister of Kim here quite involuntarily (or maybe it voluntarily? She is totally underrated and this actually was the ingenious gambit of an ironic pastiche of self?) A phenomenon that affects a large number of loyal users of the social media community has addressed: the alienation of personality through the parallel world of social networks.

In 1637 the French philosopher of Rene Descartes stated that is the ‘I’ constituted Moreover, that man has the ability to recognize even a thinking being to be. Descartes’ causal link was “Cogito ergo sum”, “I think therefore I am.” We speak here of the so-called self-esteem, or otherwise, of one’s self “to be aware”. Descartes’ knowledge to transfer well into the 21st century and filter it runs the Kim Kardashian, a contemporary interpretation of the “cogito ergo sum” hot should be: “I snappe, therefore I am.” Respectively: “if I not snappe I do not feel that I am.” The experienced is experienced therefore just as valuable if it was shared with an anonymous mass.

This phenomenon applies not only on the Kardashians Kim, Khloe and Kourtney but on a large proportion of the regular user of Snapchat, Instagram and co. The holiday is really enjoyed, as soon as the other with enjoy, dinner tastes unless also could see others, what comes to the plate. “The others” are these anonymous, anonymous alot, or sometimes just mass. Who is among them, is for now no matter merits it has testified. Main thing you showed: “I was there”. But what if it suddenly not as feels without this testimony, as they would have been? What makes this kind of extract personalization, this shift of “assertiveness” in the long term with the heads? Not only self-esteem depends on now the judgment of an imaginary number of persons (likes likes likes, clearly this issue is almost old hat), no, the self-esteem of their own “I” is now assigned to the a click on the button of the Smartphones that then it is not so smart. For how this personality shift 2.0 indefinitely, so generations later, affect on cognitive skills from? What makes them with the self-confidence of young people, which grow only in the world of social portals that do not, grew up like many of us still without a self representation in the viral world? Questions about questions. Truly realized probably only Kim has K., at the end of what holds together the world in its innermost depths: a charger, a power outlet, a mobile phone and always functioning Internet access.

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Anneli Botz, 31, lebt in Berlin und ist freischaffende Redakteurin und Autorin. Also, she developed projects devoted to the aesthetic conceptual representation of social and political developments as curator: www.pointproject.de.