How to Survive the Winter Deep with Miriam Kugland

Ohje, January is over and we’re now – completely arrived in blowing snow and new year broke and full of hot anticipation for warmer days, more sun, and in the best case a little vacation. While I switch between library and desk, I catch myself doing from time to time on popular pages of flight holiday homes for the break to look. These seem still miles away from but in the face of growing to do list and upcoming exams.

Also by using Instagram to catapult at least intellectually very slightly on warm beaches, blue Poolsides or pretty town, should be one that out then once too much the standard grey in the world. Just as I am by Miriam Kugland aka also to the wonderful feed for almost two years ago. Leaodette encountered. Plant with Cameroon-ash roots does not have the Urberliner just a knack for Fotografie and them for me is an inspiration and source of motivation, a great taste, again if it comes to ‘Equal Rights’, the ‘Black ‘Lives matter and social commitment movement.

Get her to bring her message in brief pictures and rates via social media to the point of looking for an outlet for all of their thoughts and feelings, and always advocates a more conscious and and more sensitive handling of fellow human beings and the environment. A wonderful interview with the student of European media sciences there also are positive/negative to read.

“Brown girl your skin is gold”. Hach Miriam I still waiting for a nonvirtuelles meet and hope we soon a Käffchen drink area will go in your Charlottenburg. But now you’re up first of all – tell me how to get through the winter.

What do you like about the winter especially little?

That I so long (Regulation) must Miss everything, what I love so infinitely in the spring and summer.

What you can win from the cold season still?

Some of my favorite people have birthday! I focus on precisely this happiness, that they exist, when the sadness to tears with me.

The winter low pick up every year on the new you?

Would not necessarily call it deep, but rather a desire but yes, which reviewed a definitely every year me after the sunnier days,.

What book are you reading on the couch?

Everything by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Most recently, I have Amerikanah and half of a Yellow Sun read. Both are such wonderful books – totally different, but equally captivating.

Not only in their books, outside of it inspires me endlessly and speaks to me in many ways of the heart.

What music you listen at the lazy during the cold season be?

Currently: coloring book – chance the rapper. Is so positive and melodic, it is definitely always a mood raiser. In addition A seat at the table by Solange Knowles. Fits perfectly when I am deep in my emotions. Above all the tracks’ I hear ‘Cranes in the Sky’ and ‘don’t touch my hair’ up and down. I’m not even starting from the visuals of the album… Incredibly beautiful and a tribute to Black Womanhood < 3

The palate on gray winter days?

Chai latte and sweet Potatoe pie baked by my best friend – with vanilla sauce!

What do you friends occasionally, when it comes to cheer you up a little?

Nice for the apartment. In the winter with the excuse that one anyway more time indoors than out there to spend, but spend money on Interior I can always.

I got a thing for basket & #x1f343, & #x1f341, & #x1f33f, & #x1f342; #home #interior #vsco #vscocam

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Just I have the “portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer II” by Gustav Klimt in the kitchen hung up, not in the original course. Something touched me very at the image.   Out in the gray or Chase under the warm covers – where distract you you prefer? In my bed with the binge of watching.   Treat yourself – a beauty ritual to himself a little to pempern?   Beauty ritual to the Pempern is most definitely taking care of my hair. All girls with curly hair, frizzy hair and Afro will know it… My hair does not like the cold and need special care especially in the winter. Because the matching products for natural hair in Germany, even in Berlin, are hard to find and if then quite costly, the term treat yourself fit really quite well.  My favorite products are from Shea moisture, Cantu and Camille Rose. If I have time I am then prefer the “Manuka honey & Mafura oil intensive hydration Masque” by Shea moisture. She comes into wet hair and keep him as long as possible. In the meantime, I paint my nails and watching series. This is really random and really happy.

Get in the habit of celebrating yourself from skin to marrow, you are magic & #x1f58b;: @beingupile #spain #blackgirlmagic #afro #vsco #vscocam one of Miriam Lea Odette (@leaodette) new photo on 2nd Sep 2016 at 2:45

Tips for the series Marathon?

I really love series, so I limit myself to Netflix for simplicity, originals. Since I have last seen the get down and the Crown. Both super good series, with a great cast. Be sure to look at in the original.

A film, which currently attracts you in a comfortable cinema seats?

Although I really am a crass film nerd, I am currently the most on the next and final season of GIRLS. I adore Jemima Kirke < 3

The perfect place in your town to spend a day outside of the own four walls?
I am Charlottenburgerin with heart and Lake. Mm the Stuttgarter Platz is there really more and more good, small Cafés. From the Pizzarei to the waffle shop one can wonderfully through feast here in the corner and then a walk admired the beautiful old buildings. Front on Kantstrasse, there are of course still camera work, where there are always great photography exhibitions. If you then still a little higher would like to indulge, you hand to still the beautiful interior stuff from dopo Domani through the window.

Ultimate tip against the depression?
If it somehow allows the budget: fly away. Somewhere where it’s not quite so cold. Mild temperatures, explore a new city is simply the best – cities trips for life! In November, I was with my best girlfriends on Malta and it was fantastically nice.

Longing for sun and walking through cities of distant countries & #x1f4ad; #tb #malta #vsco #vscocam one of Miriam Lea Odette (@leaodette) new photo on Jan 25, 2017 at 6:07

Else: spending time with friends and laugh as much as possible. Also always goes, costs nothing and helps against almost everything.   Favourite cuddly outfit for a day on the sofa?     May one something else wearing on sofas in winter, as a Jogger, wool socks and oversize sweaters? I don’t think so!       What is bugging you in the winter?  It will be late bright and early dark. It’s actually kinda always dark. Not the point!     And what excites you also particularly at the moment – come on, let it go: aside from the generally alarming state of the world, it upsets me particularly, that it seems to be still an incredible attraction when I open, wear my hair so as Afro. It was a long, sometimes really difficult way for me to realize that my hair is beautiful. As they grow me out of my mind, without, that I smoothness it, just relax or otherwise trying to make something out of them, what they are not. Not all views are negative and not every kids handle in my hair is malicious, but it makes me realize yet again well, that I am perceived as different. Not only quite a few reactions to my hair, other experiences in my life every now and then show me that my skin color plays a role. I firmly believe that all people know with open heart, that to not judge people by their looks. I wish for the future but also quite many open eyes, an awareness of the fact that we unfortunately live in a world where in black and white thinking is and people of color have unfortunately not always the same opportunities, rights and guarantees. This is sad, very even, but it is a reality with which we must deal. She always to deny, only because it is inconvenient, prevents unfortunately any positive progress.


Miriam thank you – for the great interview!