Hippy Dress: Eva Longoria Vs. Jessica Simpson Who Wears It Best?

That maxi dresses printed style hippy are one of the keys of the summer, not us is no doubt. All carry them. From Rachel Bilson a Gwen Stefani (that lately and I guess that as a practical matter due to early pregnancy, it does not remove them), passing by Eva Longoria y Jessica Simpson that in these images match the same laminated model of Juicy Couture.

The truth, not are my favorite trend, I recognize that they are comfortable, they are fresh, they are practical and easy to carry, and when I see them in others, I like, but when it comes to the truth, I never dare to buy them because I just do not see so long. Give me warmth you want to tell you. And that it is the second consecutive year in which are a must have.

I prefer them in its reduced version, we will, in its short form, which in addition, if you are not too high, are the most successful choice.