Get The Helpful Bloso Tower of Carrie Bradshaw

I remember a news story that made at the end of the series of Sexo en Nueva York in which spoke of the influence that had their outfits in street fashion. In fact, put an example: the huge flowers that Carrie takes on the flap (to view, idea of the actress Sarah Jessica Parker and not of stylist Patricia Field) they had multiplied its sales in shops.

Now, the film that will bring together four girlfriends after years separate is about to be released, and with it will come not only the adventures and misadventures of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, but their outfits and consequent fashions.

During the shooting we have already seen many looks. Among them, that illustrates this post. In fact, this was the first image that came to us. And were surprised that Carrie dress was vintage (then we have seen many more) and the shape of your bag, somewhat daring. If you like the bag shaped Eiffel Tower Carrie, you have it here for a few 400 euros. It is not expensive, taking into account the original 2750 dollars. Clear that, unlike the original, is not the 6300 embedded Swarovski crystals.