Dita Von Teese and Sarah Jessica Parker, Very Spring

Although spring us is resisting more, and the rain seems that does not rush to leave, the smell of summer lurks, and what better way to push a little to see if it comes at all, dressing with flowers. On the other side of the pond and in spite of the changing climate, which in New York noted enough, because one day you go with straps and the next you have to remove the anorak, Dita Von Teese y Sarah Jessica Parker they have made him at the time good face, and have taken to the streets soaked in colors.

The first, our favorite Diva, with a beautiful dress high waisted with large red roses as a print, a pair of shoes, in Raspberry colour also, and a satin handbag.

The second, with a pretty bow, so much that they criticize her if left loose hair, and umbrella in hand, so it can happen, striking indeed, but too big to take it all day over, with a spotted shirt dress It is not that you style it much, but we like to anyway.


JunoSaysHello.com blog: The Little Black Dress

JunoSaysHello.com blog: The Little Black Dress

Source: junosayshello.blogspot.com