Claire Danes and M.I.A in The Feast of The Garden of The Moma in New York

In the Big Apple are specialist at charitable parties, of course, with both patrons and both Museum per square meter, less than organise this type of event. The MoMA, or what is the same, the Museum of modern art the city of skyscrapers, awarded each year to two newyorkers who have actively collaborated in its instructional programs, non-profit and for young people with talent, but lack the resources.

At the gala were two of my favorite. Claire Danes, that can do nothing more than worship, and not only because Romeo and Juliet, that too, but by little women, and by many other tear movies, is a sweetness of woman. And although it is pronounced bit is always good. On this occasion, and how we have already been able to appreciate on previous occasions, thinner than normal, it was gorgeous with a simple and beautiful gown to the feet. Eye to its piece of groom: name Hugh Dancy, Scottish-born actor, is a real hottie.

My other right ojito, singer M.I.A, that does not seem that they stick too high upstand social acts but that if it is for a good cause, it does not usually fail. I am infinitely grateful that it arose not with fluorescent leggings and their inseparable Reebok. It was properly elegant without breaking your acid guerrilla look. If Carrie we have seen it with a bag of Tower Eiffel to it see it now with a bag globe. She always put the protest point. I gave that Yes M.I.A, every occasion is good to denounce global warming.