Chloe Sevigny Stylist and Home of The British Elle Magazine

Chloe Sevigny it somewhat more points in the race to be an influential fashionista. The young actress does not have enough to be image of the latest Chloe fragrance or with having launched a collection of fashion for the signature Open Ceremony. Now, becomes in British Elle magazine style Advisor.

I don’t know if it’s a permanent signing, as of Naomi Campbell as a reporter for GQ magazine, or only for the March issue, in the purest style Vogue Paris, that has had to Sofia Coppola or a Charlotte Gainsbourg as guest editors.

What we do know is that you for that month, Chloe Sevigny will be cover of the magazine (image above). And that number will sell like hotcakes. At least, I don’t think without a copy of March of Elle UK.