Caruso Trunk Show at linnégatan No. 2:20-21/10

Men’s fashion store Linnègatan No. 2 recently introduced Caruso as new Blazer and kostymleverantör for the season.Today we are pleased to announce that the store will house the Italian clothing specialist for two dimensions sewing days into next week.

Caruso is one of the most reliable and reputable manufacturers in the market. It has its origin from the founder Raffaelle Caruso who was trained in Naples but Soragna then moved to where the company is still located.

Caruso has been known as a very talented producer which made that worked a lot as a manufacturer of Private Label for other companies.Recent seasons have you wanted to change the perception and strengthen its own brand through more stores and more clearly their own collection.

Suits and jackets from Caruso is not cheap but many people consider them to be one of the most affordable in the industry with a full canvas construction if somewhat fewer hand torque than the very expensive.

This is the first time in several years that the company visits Sweden for a Trunk Show, where his staff is able to answer questions about the production and måttningen of the customers.

Trunk Show at linnégatan No.2 in Gothenburg will be held on Thursday 20/10 between 12-20 and Friday 21/10 between 10-12.

Provkavaj that illustrate the craftsmanship and design behind the product.

Some of the tygswatches you can choose from when taking measurements of Caruso.