Brilliant Hair Rubber Band: Welts Ade!

THE solution for nearly dead wrists: a bracelet!

This bracelet solves a problem that every woman really knows. Real! Because: The nasty hair rubber marks on the wrist are soon gone, now there is a piece of jewelry that looks great and exactly, however, helps!

Inventions, there are so awesome that we niiiiie though it would come, that we need it – now where they exist, but want to live niiiiie again without them. An example anyone? Everyone knows this Everyday problem: a nasty pinch point on the arm there is hair rubber wrist – and just minutes later…

A jewelry label now came up with the glorious idea to design a bracelet that keeps the hair rubber to voltage, so that we have never laced arms by the tight hair band. Sounds at an angle, but really good looks. As these pictures prove.

The U.S. label is responsible for the brilliant Bangle BitterSweet. The idea founder Shireen Maria came on Thor, as she got from her husband as an own homegrown bracelet as a solution for their everyday problem – she made it an own brand of jewelry and a true fashion statement.

“The bracelet emerged as sparks our love and creativity and to solve in a usual woman problem”, said Thor against the American the Huffington Post. “Whenever I see photos of me, where I’m wearing a scrunchy on the arm, I find, I looked naive and less chic – because I wanted to just change something!”

Price, the bracelets are between 45 dollars (40 euros) for a metal band, costs from $85 a piece of jewelry with silver, gold, or Rosé plating. And the fashion-meets-function portion comes so well that many models are already currently sold out. Waiting list, here we come!