Bill Cunningham, The Creator of The Photograph of Streetstyle, Dies at 87 Years of Age

The June 25 It will always be a sad day in the world of fashion, Bill Cunningham He died at 87 years of age in New York City. Instagram is filled with images of this photographer, not find better place to pay tribute to the creator of the authentic streetstyle. A human to which all the great worship, Anna Wintour said that all women wear for it.

It was in 1978 when Bill Cunningham He had the opportunity to publish his column in the New York Times, a section that was trying to transmit every week in the Big Apple fashion. From that moment became one of the indispensable in any entry of the major parades and in all the cities of fashion, where photographing more special touches. Awarded by the French Government with the “Legion of Honor”, in 2009 it was named a “living landmark” of New York City and surely its greatest reward has been to conquer the hearts of all who love of fashion photography.