Bedroom Stories #4 / / J ‘Love You Maybe L’ love of Trios

A guest post by Ann,

Logged Jane by Nike. Part 1 includes wiesoweshalbwarum reading here.

My friend and I are together now for almost three years. Usually, it starts sometime now to rust. In bed especially. Anyway, they say. But what “you” says, yes really also only partly right. In any case, I would prefer to call our current relationship status as second or third spring, at all levels. So to speak, which is us Schalk in the neck, back and again we feel equal parts banana and sometimes we have also stopped all cups in the cupboard. If we for example determined are to be forever quite different than the rest of the world, much freer just and open and wonderfully wild. Adult, but are already not “like the grown-ups”. Perhaps it is because my birthday this month, but a few days ago also the longing for youth, which is why we sat and listened to our past finally cross-legged before old mixtapes came over us. ”Me that love / c ‘is do love / special threesome / I know C’ is outdated / it’s full hippie / corn ever say it on the to ts / J ‘Like l’ love of three” sang stereo total. A glance, two thoughts, then silence. “You want?” asked I and he said: “you for?”. Together against the rusting up so the plan.

We need us here do anything fool. 80% of people go according to statistics foreign, unfortunately. Why, it’s in the stars, but I can just guess that it is not always and only lost feelings. But rather to unfulfilled desires. I love my boyfriend Voyager up to the spacecraft and back again, really true, but who knows the richer because not this brief moment in the flickering strobo light on by friends the thought of a quick party Kiss to Sixpence non at once is like a gentle breeze that tempting sweet beckons from the Isle of youth over. “We love us more than poppy seed ice cream”, he said, “and the adventure, we could dare”. Sure, I replied, me during fixed against the boredom and also any stuffiness. Olé free-for-all. And better than an open relationship, which I never could. I know long time ago. I later choked me a coke on the coal column. The stomach ache but came from somewhere else. From option number one: two women and a man. My husband.

My head within a few seconds the following it did: she can look like freshly peeled from the egg, after Royal rose oil smell, bend like a pretzel? Could taste her breasts like cotton candy, what if she swings a butt like J.Lo in bed with, is she at the end perhaps even super nice and sow-smart in the worst case? Must I watch so in the event of cases here, as my friend eats a dream woman? What if that is falling? I’m going to die inside. With every look and every touch. Maybe i’ll even physical, maybe I run red and maybe I grow horns. Or I throw myself on the ground and begin to cry out loud. Two men and me? Too tiring. And a funny notion that nurtured mainly by short pornographic sequences, which I prefer never saw. So back to the beginning: L’Amour of a trois. Do I want it? Already. Am I confident? Too. Is our love strong Anyway. But the ego! The rest fear. Too much Gossip Girl looked earlier.

“I’m still not that far”, I quite nimble decide that everything should be fun after all and not mistaken. – “I also not.” Puh.
After all, we knew now that it is so bad to talk, even before they become wishes about fantasies. And that they also appear abstract and abstruse much less when they once got one on the lips. Suddenly, when we us a little later overwhelmed and quite spontaneously through the sheet rolling from our match, I realized what had disturbed me previous most of all: the potential planning of this short proposed l’amour fou.

You can so a threesome of course controlled by provide let go and is the date red in the calendar note. That may not work for many, but for me. Call it psychology, but “attachment” is Yes indeed rather negative connotations in most cases. I therefore propose again to rethink, and larger. Four of them, that would be maybe really. With a foreign couple, because “don ’ t shit where you eat”. But only if fate brings us together. Without fanfare. If all participants feel it. Maybe so, if once again somewhere “kiss me” is running. Unlikely? May be. But we have got a whole life long time.