10 Reasons Why 2015 Everyone Should Wear a Swimsuit

We love the new swimsuits!

What was ridiculed for years on the beach just nice, blossomed in this bathing season to the it piece of sea and swimming pool: the swimsuit. And we want to have it now.

Conclusion with the dusty image. Now let’s get the swimsuit from his shadowy existence and duly celebrate his comeback with a beach party. Why? Because the latest swimwear designs and patterns as cool and said, how long no longer are. Whether classic cut, with exciting cutouts or retro charm, the old acquaintances from our childhood has captured already our heart in the storm.

Who still doubt, here are ten reasons why you can leave at home the bikini now:

  1. bathing suits suit really every character. You need to find just the right model.
  2. you hide in the right places. A big belly is visually just conjured away. Hips are suddenly slimmer.
  3. never again we climb out of the water and make us something has slipped.
  4. even when the Topper in the pool is the top not flutes.
  5. fear of Tan lines? Meanwhile, there’s also UV-transmitting swimsuits. The complexion is sitting.
  6. the new models let us properly cool and look up-to-date. Our favorite look: Vintage designs and retro design. * Heartthrob *
  7. we feel more so naked on the lawn of the outdoor swimming pool.
  8. one must be less cream. (Yes, it is of course important, but somehow it’s bugging us also)

9 bikini wearers look to us – and want from immediately so a piece of it.

10 we act so adult – and make us feel too!

In other circumstances? There’s also great swimwear for pregnant women.