Setentero Revival: Farrah Fawcett Pants

When the vi is as if my childhood back of a stumps only and although I am not from the Decade of the seventies, it grew up watching Charlie’s Ángeles. So I immediately thought in the style of Farrah Fawcett with these accomplished jeans and high-waisted.

If we had horrified us with the high waist is because the style is very few people or rather because we had not yet checked with that are well. But it is a fact that these can be perfectly emulating the way in which our Angel dressed them.

If add it a fringe shirt, It is also fashionable, we already have all the complete look. Above all, by the fact that with wide waistband have figure is marked and will not make the mistake of make us look more full and the effect of the wide leg styles and makes us see even higher.

That yes I recommend high heels not to lose the touch, because with planes we see more Petite.