Old New Love WIP Carhartt Spring/Summer 2015

Last week a thicker elephant stood in the principle of continuously on my head, owing among other things to various meetings actually had phone calls can (a classic among the things about which you repeatedly may wonder blogger/Freelancer/human) and should be – to a whole range of very attractive conditions including a mini small TV turning providing bright spots in the packed calendar, (I can not reveal yet more) , the me straight to the opening of the new „ girls only “ Carhartt WIP stores in Middle led.

Carhartt, Carhartt, Carhartt, yeah, you know. If but a little bit so you like me, then you displaced whose existence may still from time to, what is really bloody stupid considering the current spring/summer collection; It should be noted, for example, the eggshell-white dream fresh from denim paradise up there. But I fear that I must constantly wake me in the future, and I also know why: the child is most likely buried in the strange or better missing corporate identity of American brands.

So for example saw the reality: on Thursday evening from – our beloved Eves had, as mentioned above, to the opening on the Münzstrasse loaded:

(Adresse: Münzstr. 11A, 10178 Berlin)

Then I found following favourite items:
A self produced shooting of Eve’s was top on it:
whereupon I highly euphorisert wanted to present the latest Lookbook, but nevertheless briefly paused to surrender at the end and only four pictures to send in the post:

The video had with Pro Skater and treat Jerome Campbell
promised so much atmosphere:

I continue to wonder what kind:

… And will not notice the pose for the next outfit post.
But the white jacket.

Here go’s to the shop.


Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Ad Campaign …

Carhartt WIP Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Ad Campaign ...

Source: thisisrange.com