Lindsay Lohan Gets Naked for New York Magazine as Marilyn Monroe

Like recent photos we’ve seen Nicole Kidman in Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Lindsay Lohan poses nude in the style of Marilyn Monroe in a photographic session most famous history, since it was the last held by the blonde actress. The photographer is the same one that took photos of Marilyn, Bern Stern, and the session has taken place in the same California hotel.

Despite the similarities, 46 years and a chasm separated images. Let us be honest: Lindsay Lohan fails you or Marylin or Nicole to the tip of the foot. Marilyn exuded sensuality, fragility, eroticism and mystery, while LILO, with its body of woman cylinder, no waist or hips, more like a transvestite to a real woman. The unique feminine curves that has are thanks to the silicone. Lindsay It is vulgar, obvious, just and ordinary. Marilyn is an icon of our time, Lindsay only it will be remembered as another broken toy of Hollywood, that after achieving success in the cinema too young, is tainted by drugs and alcohol.

If you continue reading, you can see the rest of the photos from the session and try to find some sexy Lindsay, Although I doubt that you may be able to, because they are pretty pathetic images. To compare also we have images of the photographs of Marylin Monroe.

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