How to Wear The Red Dress

Everything you always wanted to know about the red dress in 4 fashion lessons.

The little red dress is an essential female cloakroom, along with his cronies of dressing,  the little black dress and the white dress . Female desire, she can wear in any occasion, until the evening office daily as in the ceremonies. But it is not always easy to take the red dress and the breakthrough of the wear … To not leave the closet, follow our fashion lesson.

  1. Red Dress:choose according to your body
    Stop to popular belief, yes you can wear a red dress bought on Summerdressesstore and even if you do not do the 36, you have hips and / or chest.In addition, this pretty color has no age so enjoy. To the question “Is the red dress made for me?” The answer is yes, provided to choose your dress according to according to your figure because the color does not forgive! Keep in mind that everything is about volumes.  If you have a figure 8, please highlight your strengths with a close-fitting dress that hugs your ideal forms. If you have more generous hips, you can opt for one shouldered dress or balloon sleeves to balance the silhouette. If, however, you have a silhouette V, favor flared or flounced dresses that will bring depth to the lower body.
  2. Find your red!
    If the red dress is suitable for everyone, it is also because there is a multitude of shades of red to adopt. And to be sure of being to his advantage, you have to choose the right one. Good news, there is a simple way to find your perfect red dress as she chose as a lipstick, depending on your skin tone and your hair color.
    The blond with golden skin are the ideal candidates for the classic red from light to dark, while their will. However, they will favor bright red with an orange tip for more pep.
    The blondes with cold complexion will opt for a red with a bluish note for a perfect harmony.
    Brown hair or brown, you have pale skin? You can adopt almost  all shades of red . Your favorites: the cherry red delicious, the plum or burgundy / marsala. If you have dull skin, orange reds and browns are your best allies.
    The black skins will be particularly to their advantage with a red carmine or red plum.
    The redheads can crack without hesitation for red orange and  red bricks.
  3. Choosing the material
    The golden rule number 1 when you buy a red dress is to be very vigilant inthe matterof dress. Since the color will attract the eye, no question of ignoring a rigorous selection of the cloth that we dress. It banishes the materials cheap and setting of  beautiful fabrics to be chic. Of cotton yes, but good quality. The lace course but refined, not to think of your body. If you have a slender silhouette, you can splurge on textured fabrics: embossed or pattern for a touch of originality. If you rather be round rather choose fluid materials . Caution also occasionally daring color does not allow odd: the satin and sequins are reserved for ceremonies and festive evenings.
  4. Red dress: the’accessorize without faults
    When wearing a red dress, the most important accessory is the shoes. What shoes to put on with a red dress? Generally are chosen heels color flesh or in  nude tones which remain THE reference. The practical alternative? The navy blue or black ballerinas that relay heels to give us maximum elegance.
    In the autumn, why not barter the fresh nude for a nice crocodile cognac on pointed toe shoes? The height of chic! The most daring will not hesitate to adopt cerulean blue pumps that will modernize held in heels clacking.
    The right idea? A nice pair of sneakers sneakers for casual play down a red dress in a snap!
    If winter is the one of all possible side coats. Next summer jackets avoids the suit jacket a little too classic or “mémérisante” is rather puts a trench well cut, the perfect compromise to be chic and trendy without being overbearing. The leather jacket gives us an irresistible rock attitude.
    For the handbag, one will avoid the maxi models for the benefit of the minis not to overload and unbalance the whole of the outfit before taking sides for a classic or for a “strong room” ultra-fashion. Nude or timeless black are the prerogative of women cautious while the fashionistas will have their hand clutched pockets and clutch.

Long or short, classic or trendy, casual or chic, the little red dress is sufficient in itself so we did not hesitate to keep it simple and to see life in red!

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