In The Hope of “The September Issue”, The “August Issue” of Vogue USA with SJP

The September issue of Vogue USA, the most anticipated, desired and worked, is upon us. In his honor, the best documentary about the fashion industry and in its Annals, the biggest stars, the most appalling covers and content more exciting if it is that fashion is between your offices or benefits.

This issue is particularly interesting, with the ins and outs of the wedding of Kate Moss exclusive and which has signed up, rumored, will be a cover of the investigation for which the Wintour decided to hire to Mario Testino.

And so expected, don’t despair, Anna feeds us the appetite with a gorgeous cover that Immortalizes again to Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie, as in its best times fashionistas.

A good appetizer for what we expect and want to be a better feast. For the time being and as we have informed, the images that Terry Richardson had bandied about the link disappeared by magic or the Wintour art? your blog.

We hope so and not despair with this magnificent façade.