Gucci Revolutionizes The World of Leather Goods with These Dreamy Items (And Never Better)

When there is talent there are few things that resist. Gucci has a few seasons giving a masterclass on how to reinvent itself and sweeping to victory at the world of fashion. If there are any difficult to reintegrate into the present garment are the skin, those expensive coats we relate them always with more mature persons and that they always tend to have a point of true classicism and boredom. Now everything changes, the prints also have hollow here.

They are expensive, not to mention expensive, we could say that almost a dream. Are also wonderful, authentic works of art that do not fall in the 25,000 euros but they left without speaking. Multicolored star, peacock feathers and thousands of prints that blend them with really complex techniques to create these pieces of collector. Chiara Ferragni not to use it in their daily lives, proof that these garments are also conquering younger audiences some “it girl”.