Brain Blah About Courage, Breakers & New Beginnings

I am not infrequently asked how that actually everything so wuppe as single parents. First of all, I must correct my counterpart very quickly, because I’m not alone, the child has a father fortunately remain, and if you ask me even the best. We live the 50/50 model – about every three days we take turns. Lio has thus not only a Zuhaue, but two. The little man is prima. And his parents. “Yes, but it works because?” is usually the next question, and: “this is not strange to see constantly despite separation?” – no, no bit. Then come the disbelieving looks, and again lays down the forehead, that is there against me, in ugly wrinkles, aha. Very rarely, when I brushed on riot (which indeed often happens me with increasing age), I deliver a brief explanation of the current status in the face of burgeoning skepticism quasi also been purely prophylactic treatment. It all works so great, I hear regularly down to rattle me, is mainly because that we decided in time to do so, to give up the familiar families construct, to devote ourselves to a new model. In the name of friendship.

“To deal, if ’ s most beautiful is”, it’s finally and I find there what is also in relationship matters. While I am by no means believe that one should make the bending with butterflies in your stomach, is Yes at an early stage potential pinches in the pit of your stomach to protect. But at least in a timely manner. Although turning off on the solo way requires often much more courage than staying. Fighting can help and is essential, as long as love, there is still a spark. And in parallel the certainty that one is still willing, despite adverse conditions and major routes, to adopt in order to feed wobbly duck fat at some point once together in exile pensioner. However, I am afraid that we all too often try to stick to something that promises more mediocrity than real happiness. Out of convenience, above all but out of fear. Before the uncertainty, annoying consequences and be alone.

It is so certainly not easy, to decide at some point with all power for themselves and for the giving up of one other, “we go”. At the end, but may help the sooner or later-onset realization that one dares such a move not only from complacency at best but, on the contrary, for the peace of mind of all parties involved. I’m almost sure very quickly to being secretly after an intense listening in in the heart and a short fictional time travel into the future in a position, to see things clearly. Just want to with the truth sometimes happen not be confronted, we drown rather a little in confidence. Despite bad premonition. Then only remains to hope that someone else shortly before close the plug pulls almost dutzendfach. Before the great wars of the roses. Then, when at least respect. We know them all, the couples who can not let go even in apocalyptic conditions. I was already part of such, of course. At some point, but I decided that it would be difficult in the future to me to äugen for many years in the direction of frying pan, to argue and argue, although I could be sure that nothing would change and when, then only temporarily. Because you people just rarely change can and should be. Hard-to-obtain crap is this confidence in your own judgment. Said Ripcords blessing in disguise is therefore denied how many hopeless romantics, how many of us will one day wake up and bite themselves for everything not bold with firmness in the ass, for the lost freedom and the prospect of harmony. And still always go ahead and tirelessly convince themselves that there is worse than to be nearly satisfied. They are right. But nothing beats a real Happy ending. And really at all, absolutely nothing is also about the welfare of our children, who have certainly much prefer happy parents in separate friendship as an unfortunate parents in common enmity.

Sometime, you may still get back up and be a bit unreasonable, at least if you ask me. All in so to speak – includes this test of courage also to hopefully final big love which can be quite so delicious all difficulty like candy out of a paper bag. I know my almost-husband about already since always. And again people will think us crazy, because we are not only seven years ago we failed, no, he likes also the mountains and I much prefer concrete. That is not easy. But crammed full of love. And that’s why we find is worth a try. Even a long. But I should at some point once more sour than careless or feel he deserved an extreme sportswoman with a glider license and I then I’ll go voluntarily who prefer back squats, as for weeks sailing against the wind,. We will go. Because we love each other and make love happen also means to wish only the best to the other.