Achieves a Look like Thanks to Rebates… and for Very Little!

If there is a blogger that I like (and long) that is Atlantic Pacific. As mixed me clothing, the variety of styles encompassing and the exquisite taste that is make it one of my favorite bloggers today. That is why in time of sale I try to look at items that are of the style that she looks for inspiration in her looks.

And for today, is the chosen one very simple and easy copy. Maybe because as she shows us, with a sweatshirt, a boyfriend jeans and a high heel shoes We can be perfect. Are you going to get inspired you also?

  • Plush pullover from Zara by 7 ’ 99 Euro
  • Jeans broken in River Island by 43 ’ 53 euros
  • High heels in Snake print of Massimo Dutti 29 ’ 99 Euro